Beltrão Coelho has been present in the Portuguese business market for over 60 years. We specialize in Managed Print Services, with integrated hardware and software solutions in the printing and document management areas. Beltrão Coelho is currently the main Xerox partner in Portugal and has the status of Xerox® PAB Authorized Developer. We have a software development section which is able to develop apps for the multifunction Xerox devices.

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How does it work?

We will develop the best solution to meet your possible needs: Scanning solutions, workflow, mobile interactions, vertical business solutions, accounting integration, digital processes…

Do you have a brilliant idea for an app? Take it from the paper and use our services.


We are able to supply any kind of app, the most basic to the most complex.


With Beltrão Coelho you can customize your apps as you wish, without limit.


Offer your application in Xerox App Gallery. Monetize your app.

Myapps® by Beltrão Coelho

Myapps® is an app store created by Beltrão Coelho. Through Xerox App Studio tool and Xerox App Galery, myapps® born to simplify the way you can interact even more with Xerox multifunction devices.
Searchable PDF

Convert to Searchable PDF and find information within the documents.

Multiple Destinations

Scan to email and / or folders on the network and / or ftp and / or USB.

App MetaData

Put information in documents scanned, enabling workflow processes.

App QR Code

Enter useful information in the app QR Code, run internal or external links to specific sites

Support Alert

It allows you to request the BC support by email and attach any document as an attachment.

App Browse

It allows you to access folders in the network directory, in a simple and fast way

App Centreware

It allows the settings configuration to be done directly on the printers screen

App Balance

It allows you to check the balance of your printing acount

App Smart MB

It allows you to purchase packs of copys/prints through an ATM reference number

Cloud Solutions

Google Drive

My apps communicates with Google’s solution. This app allows you to print files from, or scan documents to Google Drive.

App One Drive

Myapps communicates with the Microsoft solution. This app allows you to print files from or scan documents for One Drive.


Box is one of sharing cloud solutions most used in the world. This app allows you to print files from or scan documents to Box.

Office 365

Myapps communicates with Office 365. Browse sharepoint folders and print files from, or scan documents to your Office 365 folders.

Scan to Dropbox

It allows users to navigate through folders and to scan or print documents from your Dropbox.

Apps Xerox

Xerox® Print Portal

Uses GPS to find your printer closer and print the document.

Xerox® Mobile Link

Scan photos, emails, documents, to connect your smartphone or tablet to a Xerox printer.

Xerox Easy Translator

Scan a document and quickly and securely translate information for more than 35 languages.